Red Bull Air Race 2018 - Cannes

Red Bull Air Race 2018 - Cannes

For the first time in the history of the Red Bull Air Race, the pilots will be going head-to-head in France, in the beautiful city of Cannes on 21-22 April 2018. With five French pilots in the series (three Masters, two Challengers) it will be their first opportunity to experience a home race, and it will be one to remember.

    Well, that's a wrap from the first ever Red Bull Air Race on French shores! Plenty of drama, racing action and stunning performances in the racetrack, and a stellar victory for Australia's Matt Hall. With Goulian holding on to the top spot in the World Championship standings, the next race in Chiba will be unmissable! 

    You can stay tuned and check out the press conference for race reactions from the pilots. 

    Thanks for your support, and hope you had a great weekend. See you in Japan!

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